What Is PreSearch (PRE)? A Quick Overview

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Did you know that in 2021 roughly one in ten people were investing in cryptocurrencies? While this statistic may sound surprising, there are several reasons why the crypto market has suddenly gained popularity.  

One reason that people started getting interested in the crypto market is that platforms started to be revealed. One of these platforms was Presearch.

An initial thought many people have when they hear of this platform is ‘what is Presearch?’

To answer this, we first need to give you some context as to why it is so popular. This means that we will need to give you some background on Presearch and then the benefits it can offer you. 

So if you are interested in crypto, and you would like to learn about Presearch and how it can help you, then read on. 

What Is Presearch?

Now that you have heard the name Presearch, you are probably wondering why it’s so special. The good news is, we are going to be revealing that for you now. 

In short, Presearch is a decentralized search engine

It gives people tokens if they use the platform to search for things. It can do this because it is built on the blockchain network and uses blockchain technology. 

The idea is to give users an incentive to use the search engine. So the more that people use Presearch to search for information that they need, the more tokens they will get. 

The great thing about this is that it not only helps their users, but it also helps the platform to gain popularity, so it is a win-win scenario. One thing to be aware of is that the platform can choose who it wants to reward. 

Generally, people who are adding value to the search engine are more likely to receive tokens.

Also, if a user is contributing a lot of value then the number of tokens that they receive may be higher than another user who isn’t contributing much value. 

The tokens that people receive are called PRE tokens which is an abbreviation for ‘Presearch tokens’. People will receive a certain amount of PRE tokens for each search they do on the platform. 

However, this doesn’t mean that users will necessarily receive this for every search they do. It all depends on how many tokens are available. 

Presearch Nodes

In addition to search engine users receiving tokens, some other users are eligible to receive tokens too. For example, operators on the search engine are given tokens. 

Any node operators who are on the platform can receive tokens from the platform itself. However, to be a node operator, there are certain criteria that you must meet. 

To be a node operator you need to stake more than 2000 PRE tokens. Once you have uploaded your tokens to the platform, then you will go through the steps of becoming a node operator. 

Node operators are an important part of the network, this is because they help to process search requests that users may have. Without the help of node operators, the platform may not be able to function properly. 

If this happens then users may not be able to make searches. So to reward their support when they join the network, they can start receiving tokens almost immediately.

Node Rewards

It is worth mentioning that node operators can receive higher rewards if they stake over the standard 2000 PRE. These rewards can vary and it depends on what the platform chooses to give its users. 

To get these rewards quicker, it is better if node operators have fast internet because then they are more likely to be prioritized. 

There is also the option to use keyword staking. This is when PRE tokens are assigned to a specific term or keyword.

Also, if you assign more tokens to a keyword than anybody else, then when someone searches for your keyword, your advertisement will come up.

The Benefits of Using Presearch

Presearch offers its users many benefits, yet not everyone knows about what they are. To get a better insight, let’s go through some of the benefits now. 

One of the benefits of using Presearch is that it’s more privacy-focused compared to other major search engines. 

When we use Google, it collects our information and stores it elsewhere. Many people do not agree with this and do not like the idea of Google doing this. 

However, Google has become so popular that most people would rather use it for its benefits and ignore the fact that it’s tracking their every move. 

Also, when Google does take people’s information, they don’t know where it goes, so potentially anybody could see it. 

More Benefits of Using Presearch

Aside from the privacy aspect of Presearch, one other benefit is that the search engine is free to use. If anything, the search engine actually pays you via tokens to use it, which is a great incentive, and something you should take advantage of.  

Especially when you consider if you use Presearch regularly and collect tokens regularly, they can add up. 

While Presearch isn’t the only cryptocurrency platform available, it is a great one. However, if you would like to get more information on other opportunities in the crypto market, see some of our other blogs.  

Get Information on Cryptocurrencies 

Now that you have read this blog, you will have a better understanding of the Presearch search engine when you think to yourself ‘what is Presearch?’ While it is still an up-and-coming network, it continues to gain popularity. 

At Gasbox, we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information when it comes to cryptocurrencies and how they work. 

So if you would like to get some friendly advice or to find out how you can get involved in cryptocurrencies, contact us now.  

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