What is Gala Games & How to Run a Node

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For years, adults told children that playing video games was a waste of time. Some said it would rot their brains. Others said that video games would never make money for people. 

As it turns out, these assessments were incorrect. As cryptocurrency develops, new gaming technology allows people to earn money with their crypto assets through their game experience.

One of the most popular methods for this is using a Gala node. This approach uses Gala crypto to make money. 

What is Gala crypto? Gala is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency primarily used for Gala Games. This gaming method led to an appreciation of the new cryptocurrency’s worth. 

So, how does this cryptocurrency work? How can you make money using Gala cryptocurrency games?

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re in luck! We’ll explore how this works in the guide below.

What Is Gala Crypto?

A gala node helps secure the Gala Games network on the Ethereum blockchain. To participate in Gala Games, you must first purchase or run a gala node. 

If you become a node operator, you’ll receive several benefits. Among these are:

  • Daily Distribution points
  • NFTs
  • Game items
  • GALA coins
  • TownStar coins

This way, you become better equipped to support the Gala Games initiative. So, how can you acquire a Gala node investment? We’ll talk more about that in the following section.

How to Set Up a Gala Node

You can set up a Gala node in either your local or cloud server. We recommend doing this on a cloud server, as it allows the node to run at all times. However, running your node on a cloud server costs $20/month. 

Once you purchase a Gala node, you’ll have to perform the following steps to set it up. First, you’ll begin a Gala account and purchase a node. 

Once you create a Gala account, click on your inventory. From there, deposit the necessary Ethereum to purchase your node. 

Your node price depends on the current market value. So, buyers must calculate how much Ethereum they need to purchase a node. Once you place the order, you’ll confirm your purchase of the Gala node license. 

Creating a Vultr Account

Once you buy a Gala node license, you can run the node on your computer. However, the node will stop running once you turn off your computer. As a result, you’ll lose rewards you could otherwise receive. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid this. You can create a Vultr account that runs your server at all times. This way, you never have to lose your rewards. 

Creating an account is straightforward. All you have to do is go to the Vultr website and click Sign Up. 

The next step is purchasing a Gala node server. There are a few options for this, which we’ll discuss in the following section.

Buying a Gala Server

Purchasing a Gala node server is the next step in running a node. However, you have several gala node options when it comes to servers. 

Search through the server choices to find the best option for your needs. The current requirements for running a Gala node include:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 60 GB Disk Space

It’s often easiest to buy a Vultr VPS (online server). Once you deploy the server, your screen will display a progress bar. Sit back and wait until the setup reaches 100% completion. 

Afterward, you’ll have access to some critical VPS info. This includes your VPS IP address, username, and password. 

How Much Can You Earn From Gala?

We’ve mentioned before that running a Gala node earns rewards for you. The question is, what are these rewards and how much are they worth?

Typically, each node rewards its owner with approximately 600 Gala daily. In November 2021, this number was lower by two hundred. 

Some technical factors affect how much Gala you receive. After all, this is a digital service; people use the Internet and crypto games at fluctuating rates.

However, as you may expect, Gala nodes aren’t exactly cheap. Several types of node licenses exist, each with varying prices. However, a Founder’s node can sell for several thousand dollars.

So, while the rewards may be plentiful, there’s a steep price to access them. As such, gala nodes may not be accessible for everyone. Fortunately, there are other ways to earn money with Gala Coin.

How To Earn Money with Gala and Where to Buy It

There are other ways to make money with Gala besides a Gala node. For example, you can play Gala games hosted on those nodes to earn money. 

How does this work? Let’s take TOWN Star, the most popular Gala game, as our example. 

TOWN Star is a farming simulator game that allows you to grow crops and build a town. As you do, you earn digital items in the game that you can sell to other players. 

While several games allow you to sell items in-game, TOWN Star differs in that the items earn you Gala coins. This way, your digital assets in the game can garner real-world money. 

You can also buy digital assets from other players using Gala coin. So, you may wonder where you can go to buy Gala coins.

If so, don’t worry! Several of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges offer Gala coins.

Binance, for example, offers Gala coin on its exchange. Gala’s expansion onto Binance is part of the reason its value has increased.

Another exchange you can use is Coinbase. Coinbase has one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, making it an excellent place to purchase Gala. 

Other Cryptocurrency Assets

Purchasing a gala node is an innovative way to earn passive income. With online gaming’s rise in popularity, you may make more money than you believed possible!

However, the cryptocurrency market can be challenging to track. If you’re unsure about the best crypto asset for your portfolio, consider using our services!

We offer several resources to help you monitor the prices and worth of various cryptocurrencies. Check out our resources today to maximize your crypto investment’s worth!

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