VaporNodes: Everything You Need to Know

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Want to hear some wisdom from Warren Buffet?

You will work until you die unless you find a way to make money in your sleep.

That’s right. Do you want to make thousands a month in passive income? You’re going to want to get into crypto.

When it comes to crypto, we want you to check out VaporNodes.

Keep reading to learn why you should invest in VaporNodes, what they are, and the kind of ROI you can expect.

What Are VaporNodes?

VaporNodes is a node protocol.

Let’s break down these terms.

A Node

A node in a blockchain is basically a mini-computer that stores the entirety of the blockchain ledger.

We consider blockchain decentralized finance, meaning the financial data (transactions, etc.) are stored across thousands of servers around the world. This makes it near impossible to take control of the entire thing.

Nodes allow any user to connect to the network and view all of the data stored in the entire blockchain. They verify that everyone on the network abides by the same rules, ensuring the transactions are trustworthy.

There are several types of nodes.


VaporNodes gives its investors access to a variety of decentralized finance projects. It runs on the Avalance blockchain. 

Creating a VaporNode is easy, as their interface is quite cleanly designed.

A user can create a node by buying VPND, a community currency. The current cost of one VPND is $0.0134. You need at least 1,000 VPND to create one node.

You do not have to worry about creating multiple nodes; this will just incur more transaction fees for the entire community. Rather, you can use more VPND from the initial investment to create just one nod. Your contribution will help generate passive income for the entire community.

Upon creating a digital node, your tokens go to the community’s digital “treasury.”

The community then determines how the funds are allocated through voting, which is recorded on the blockchain.

Why Invest in VaporNodes

Many crypto-enthusiasts are very bullish on VaporNodes.

For anyone that wants to join a transparent community focused on building a passive income through decentralized finance, you’ll want to check them out.

Currently, you can expect a 1% return on interest per day through investing in VaporNodes. This means it will take you 100 days to earn back your initial investment.

If VPND increases in value, then you’ll earn your ROI at a much faster rate, so promote the service to your friends! Currently, you can grant referrals to your friends; when they create nodes, you’ll earn a commission based on how much they spent. 

As the community grows, the amount of passive income you earn will grow too.

De-Fi for All

What if you didn’t have to work? What if your money did all the work for you? That’s the dream with passive income from decentralized finance.

VaporNodes has a very active Discord community, and you are welcome to view the entire project’s documentation here.

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